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Do Electric Vehicles Mean a Clean Future?

Today, electric vehicles are seen as the technology of the future. Electric vehicles that stand out with their zero emissions, cheaper fuel compared to oil and the ability to charge your vehicle at home are as good as you think?

According to EERE, electric vehicles will make the world a cleaner place. Electric vehicles have an important place in reducing air pollution in urban areas. According to a source, transportation and heating are the main factors that cause the most pollution in Istanbul. The fact that the decrease in transportation caused by the recent Covid-19 virus significantly reduced air pollution in the urban areas confirms this claim.

The operation of gasoline or diesel vehicles is based on the burning of fuel in the engine and the exhaust of the emitted gases through the exhaust. This is not the case with electric vehicles because the engine generates energy using electricity. However, this does not mean that electric vehicles do not emit greenhouse gases. Today, the most used energy source is fossil fuels. Therefore, although electric vehicles are very effective in reducing air pollution in cities, if the fossil fuels continue to be used in the world, it will not make the world a cleaner place.

Primary energy sources by years

But if we want a cleaner future, we can change this fact by increasing the use of renewable energy sources. Installing solar panels individually in our houses and installing more wind turbines socially can be important steps in this direction.

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